Charging Band



call out fee

Half day


Full day*


Band 1








Band 2








Band 3








* A "Full day" covers a maximum of eight hours.  Assignments longer than eight hours will incur additional fees. 

The above table is for guidance only.  Each assignment will be considered on an individual basis.

Banding Structure

Band 1 (standard) assignments include:

GP and hospital appointments, education, audiology, optician, dentist, routine social services meetings, routine business and employment meetings (i.e. supervision, appraisals, staff meetings), job interviews, non-specialist training courses, housing, financial advice, banks/building societies, and social events.

Band 2 (premium and out of hours) assignments include:

Driving theory tests, disciplinary hearings, counselling, consultations with solicitors/barristers, general mental health, general child protection, magistrates and civil court, short notice bookings (i.e. less than two working days), early morning and evening work (i.e. 6am-8am and 5pm-11pm), and weekends (6am-11pm).

Band 3 (specialist and out of hours) assignments include:

Trilingual interpreting (Welsh/BSL/English), tribunals, High Court, County Court, mental health assessments/investigations, child protection investigations, political assemblies, high profile conferences, theatre, media/on-screen interpreting, night time assignments (11pm-6am), and bank holidays.


Travel will be charged at 45p per mile (or standard class public transport fares), plus any parking or toll charges. If travel time exceeds two hours, 50% standard hourly rate will be charged.


Cancellations are charged as follows:

7 days (or less) notice - full fee

8 to 14 days notice - half fee

15 (or more) days notice - no fee