Soren asks what will happen if he can't, and Viren replies that they may be on the brink of changing times. The crowd exclaims at this and he riles them, telling them that Xadia's cruelty must not go unanswered. But in time, Harrow and his wife Sarai accepted his offer. This could then free up Sarai to marry Harrow who comes in to comfort the grieving widow. Harrow turns away and sits, face in his hand. Before Viren could complete the ritual, however, he is summoned to a political summit he arranged beforehand. He asks if she understands why Prince Ezran had to be removed. Viren returns to the dungeon and rages at Aaravos about how every time he found a mention of him in an ancient scroll or tome, it disappeared. They continued in a study, where Viren expressed regret at being unable to do anything as he watched Sarai's spirit pass from the world. He smiles, showing his true form corrupted by dark magic. High quality Dragon Prince gifts and merchandise. He tells her that she has a secret mission that is far more important than simply rescuing the princes. The crowd gasps and Viren states that when a ruler of Katolis dies, they mourn for seven days, but they are at war. It is also implied he harbors insecurities about his abilities and sees himself as useless. On the march to Xadia, Viren reveals how Avizandum, the Dragon King, met his end. The Aaravos caterpillar is now wrapped around his neck more like a snake in appearance. Queen Fareeda of Evenere agrees as well. Not long after, Ezran steps down as king and follows through with his deal, thus reinvigorating Viren once again. He tells them that everything he does and asks of them is for the future of humanity. He rages, asking if she did not listen. He apologizes, telling her that while she may be young, she is far wiser in her years. He mocks them and kills Khessa with a touch. The character was created by the show's co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, and is voiced by Jason Simpson. He is joined by a small crowd. He tells them that though it is a heavy burden, he will take up the battle in Harrow's name, becoming Lord Protector. She replies that she is a crown without an adult, and he is an adult without a crown. He says that he hopes Soren will understand. He replies that she speaks as if he invited the assassins. The elf repeats that he is already dead. He tells her that he's sorry, that he's just trying to get ready for their march on Xadia. He asks where it's gotten him, having spent years going along with such "creative solutions." The Dragon Prince Season 4 will continue to pivot around the region of Xaldia with segments of magic in a recounted world. Viren comments that this is really about his pride. Harrow replies that he's not helping and Viren tells him that it doesn't have to be him. His destiny would be the destruction of humanity. He understands that Viren somehow killed Avizandum. He steps to Aaravos's side and he gives him the staff and has the caterpillar crawl onto his shoulder. While Opeli leads a search for Viren, he continues speaking with the elf. He tells Soren to follow it and he will find the elves. Viren stands at a precipice on Katolis castle, watching the dark magic spell cast by his daughter Claudia to reveal the whereabouts of Team Zym on the Cursed Caldera, his true form showing. Viren replies that such a king would make weak choices, tipping history the wrong way. He tells the crowd that Harrow was more than a king, that in his final hours, Harrow called him his brother. He suggests that if she doesn't believe him, she take the throne instead, gesturing to it. The dragon electrified the ice and shattered it, then smashed the charging queens with its tail, killing them. He has performed spells such as briefly stealing the voice of Prince Callum, extinguishing fire, and lighting a candle. One of the men, addressing Viren as the High Mage, indicates the other hooded individual, telling Viren that he's brought someone who wishes to speak with him. With sundown only an hour away, his son and the others have returned to bolster his defenses. Equipped with a spear infused with dark magic, Harrow and Viren returned to where they last saw Thunder, only to find he wasn't there. Viren prostrates even lower as Harrow tells him he is a servant of the kingdom of Katolis. He told him that his decision was final. Viren sighs before he closes his eyes and agrees that this is perhaps so. She releases it and crushes it, then casts a spell of dark magic, using it to light the four big torches and to burn King Harrow's body. Viren asks why he should trust Aaravos then, to which he responds that he shouldn't (at the moment). He tells him that it's left him weak and helpless, with nothing he can do as his world changes. There is a howling of wind from the corridor and the torches go out. He tells her that it's a very serious situation and while he intends no offense, the issues require an adult perspective. The elf, thinking that it's money of some sort, tells him that he's more foolish than he thought. He declares that they are standing there betraying humanity. He exclaims in delight, but Rayla, freed by Bait, rushes him with her knives. That evening, he is removed from the cell, and Ezran installed in his place as a gambit by Ezran. In his true form, his skin is pale grey, and his eyes are jet black with dark spots and streaks around them. In the past, when trying to save thousands of people from famine, Viren tried to save the queens of Duren from Thunder the Dragon King at great risk to himself. Powers/Skills Viren facepalms, but calms himself, saying that he was perhaps rash in his words. He pulls out a bag and jingles it, telling him he's brought something that he'll find motivating. He agreed that they could use it to save everyone and feed them. Lord Viren (also simply known as Viren) is one of the main antagonists of the hit Netflix series The Dragon Prince. Soren asks him what's in the basket and wonders if it's a bigger moth. For the majority of the first few seasons of The Dragon Prince, Viren is undoubtedly the main villain, though, in the season one finale, he discovers that a Startouch Elf is locked away inside the mirror that was once kept in the Dragon King's bedroom. He tells them that before they embark on this journey, there is one unpleasant matter. Viren suggests that there was a misunderstanding. The orb within the staff becomes dark and then the orb of the Sunforge itself goes dark. His spell parts the lava entirely, allowing a clear path. He chants a spell of dark magic and the liquid within it bubbles. He starts to say that the king is dead, then pushes the scrolls away, saying that he can't send them. He tells him that he will harvest her later, but first, it is time to consume him. That evening, Viren stands with Claudia, complaining that Soren should be there and asking why he's late. Viren tells him that dark magic is clever, brilliant, and practical, and will save his life and many others. Upon announcing his march on Xadia, he ousts all the soldiers who do not wish to fight as "weak links" and sets forth to the Sunfire Elf city to claim their power for his own. The caterpillar Aaravos chants, beginning the spell that will drain Zym's life. She tells him that although it may be strange to miss somebody she never knew, she misses her mothers. Soren replies that he has no idea what that is and Viren tells him that he's to return with the terrible news that the princes have perished. After a failed attempt at a secret-unveiling potion, he loses his patience and throws a tantrum, accidentally starting a fire in the process. He turns to leave and Claudia asks what he's doing. Aaravos agrees that he does, that he was the reason that he's where he is today. It emits a strange reddish-black smoke and the bonds holding Viren are released. Viren holds the sword to his hand to show the elf that he is ready. Viren is led off to be purified. Soren asks if he means that they'll kill the king and Viren shushes him, closing the window to block out Callum, Harrow's step-son, who is in the court below. She asks why he would say no and Viren tells her that he is principled. Despite this, it is implied that he does care for Soren deep down (or at least used to), as he once used dark magic to save his son from a fatal disease, which cost Viren his beloved wife, Lissa's trust, and led to their divorce. He says to let him be hungry and turns away. Chanting dark magic, Viren released Sarai's dying breath, which flowed into the horn, causing it to emit a dark purple light, then imbue itself into a blade. She notes also that "we'll do what everyone else does" is hardly a decision. Soren looks dubious and Viren asks Claudia if she really thought he would ask him to do such a thing. Amaya tells him to honor him by finding his children. She agrees that they owe Katolis a great debt, but she cannot repay the debt of a hundred thousand by sending a million to die in violence. He stated that the wounded must be left behind. Kasef roars at his side and he chants the dark magic, sending the spell out over the crowd and transforming them all. Viren tells him that evening he and his sister will depart on a mission. He finds that he can only wheeze. Out of duty and nobility, King Harrow offered to share Katolis' food supply at the expense that half of Duren's people and half of Katolis' people would starve. High quality The Dragon Prince gifts and merchandise. Viren, however, was pensive, as Katolis didn't have enough food to support itself and Duren, and there would be considerable consequences unless another solution is found. Viren smiles in wonder. At this, his face breaks into a grin and he chuckles. Seeing the assembled forces of the other side, Claudia quips sarcastically that the other side has shields, so they should perhaps just give up and turn around. Viren tells her it's not really right and she says it made more sense in her head. He told Harrow that an unusual opportunity had presented itself, one that would allow them to avenge Sarai and slay the King of the Dragons. Another notable example of Viren's cruelty, is his outright admitted pleasure in turning elves into coins. She agrees that she does, that he couldn't have done the things that needed to be done. Viren shouts that he can destroy them all, that he has all the power he needs. Harrow says that he already told him the real problem: dark magic. Viren is also highly perceptive, as he was able to deduce the reason why Thunder wasn't at the Xadian border, something Hrrow, a wise and intelligent individual in his own right, was unable to do. He leaves. Viren just keeps walking. Viren warns him not to lie to him, but he tells him that he never lies. Harrow tells him to not look so grim, as they've fought off plenty of assassins. He presented a rock, which he described as a rare relic from Xadia. Viren is utterly dogmatic in his protection of humanity, to the extent of wishing to see all Xadia destroyed once and for all, even committing treason. Power-Hungry Mage, High Mage of KatolisKing of Katolis (all formerly). Ezran replies that he isn't and he admits that he is indeed not. The elf replies that he is already dead and Viren notes that he doesn't look dead, though his hand has seen better days, referring to his assassin binding that is causing him to lose his hand. She replies that she has had to survive adults trying to usurp her throne, coups, conspiracies, and assassinations. He sets a candle on one of the chair's arms, using magic to light it. The staff he carries amplifies and strengthens his spells. He surges ahead, leaving Soren to stew about Kasef. The High Priest then disappears and is replaced by the spectral form of Aaravos, now visible to all of the elves there and with the caterpillar on his shoulder. The expedition succeeded in finding a Magma Titan and getting its heart after killing it. He’s spiraling in a pit of grief and self-loathing when his daughter urges him to go back to work. "You can hear me," he tells him and as the spectral elf glides through the bars of the cell, he states, bowing, "and now you can see me. Claudia asks if this why he told Soren to kill the princes. He goes over to a cage containing Harrow's bird, Pip, asking him if he has no song for the occasion. His spell only needed one more thing - the undying hatred of one who loved the victim, Harrow's blood. Viren rides through the shadow of the stone dragon Avizandum, Claudia now beside him and holding the Sunfire Elf staff. Upon arrival, Thunder approached them once again, this time offering to let Harrow and Viren leave with their lives, for that day was "a day of life." Viren replies that he's a pragmatist. She continues that she may be a child, but is the least impulsive of them all. Viren ignores him and enters the chamber where he has placed the mirror. After researching, Viren had discovered a dark magic ritual that would both end the famine in Duren and improve both Katolis and Duren's capacity for farming. He asks if she can see that if her mothers were there today, they would fight by their side. The Crow Master asks him if he would rate the service he received as excellent. She stares at him, saying that they will see if they can trust him, that "the Light" will decide. He asked him to tell him that he doesn't want justice, that Sarai wasn't his world. Viren tells him to go ahead, pulling out some kind of insect and crushing it. Viren asks what he remembers and he replies that he told him to return with the news that the princes died, that "accidents happen all the time." Viren lies back down and the caterpillar begins weaving silk over his eye. However, Viren's relationship with his wife became strained and they eventually split. He tells her that the egg is too powerful and dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. They all step forward, ready for battle. This will give him the attention of the world and the power to do what he wants. He tells them to bring terror to the other Human Kingdoms. But the pair was too consumed by revenge to accept and charged at Thunder with the spear in hand. However, they also drew the attention of a far greater threat than the titan. Viren tells him that he admires his tenacity and enters the room with the mirror. Claudia talks with Viren, saying that she doesn't understand why Harrow wouldn't agree to the switching spell, given that it would save his life. He tells her she's grown up brilliant and strong but is still his little girl. The elf stands by the fireplace briefly, then turns and approaches, walking directly up such that he fills the frame of the mirror. The crowd chatters, uncertain, but Opeli stands behind him with the crown. Two visitors came from a faraway place, needing King Harrow's help. He says that others might take a crown out of self-importance and she fills in that he's doing it to help everyone. Having already planned to appoint himself king, he tasks his children, Soren and Claudia, to retrieve the egg and kill the princes Callum and Ezran to guarantee his ascent to the throne. They gather before a statue of Harrow's wife, Sarai. Sarai, realizing that Viren was the only one who could perform the ritual, rescued him before Avizandum could kill him too. Viren does the same. However, the loss of his sons is a far greater injustice. With half-true news about the deaths of Dragon King Avizandium and his unborn heir already spread throughout Xadia, the Moonshadow Elves take it upon themselves to assassinate King Harrow and his heir Ezran in retaliation. The two forces meet on the field of battle. Viren closes his eyes, then stabs the sword in the table, telling the elf he needs time to think. He asks her why not and she tells him that they have laws. Pip just stares at him. He agrees that he has his undivided attention. As she prepares to depart, she tells Viren that she expects to be notified when the princes are found safe. Viren says more plainly that he is to return with the news that both princes have died. Viren tells him that the coming war will determine the fate of humanity, that things have to a tipping point. In response, the elf only extends his hand further to press his point. Viren tells him not to worry, that it's only berry juice. Viren meets with his children, Claudia and Soren. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. He tells Amaya that her sister made Harrow better. Soren having left them, she tells him that they're all they left of their family and she won't let anything break them apart. He was protecting something precious, his egg. In addition to his magical and physical abilities, Viren is highly intelligent, and skilled at manipulation and persuasion, as he convinced the citizens of Katolis that elves in Xadia were their foes, and later dropping a small hint to Soren and Claudia about one of his does: getting back the Dragon Prince's egg at all costs. Therefore, it must be important. Aaravos narrows his eyes at this. There, Avizandum flew out to meet them, warning them to leave and that if they did, he would spare them. He bows, telling her "of course" and that he will send word to the Breach immediately. He cuts it and the drops of blood spill into his mortar, releasing a purple smoke. He asks how he's supposed to find the camp if it's secret and Viren reveals a treasure box containing a giant moon moth known as the Archangel Lunaris. "Perhaps," says the elf with an agreement. Rayla tells Zym to run and he does so. He sits on the bed and covers his face with his hands. She steps forward with a spider in a jar. Viren replies that he is of no use to him. Along with the egg, Viren took a magic mirror from the Storm Spire, noting that Avizandum had kept it close to where he had slept. With Runaan imprisoned, Viren refocuses his efforts into learning the secrets of the mirror himself. Viren chuckles at the instance of humor, saying that he only made that mistake once. Soren and Claudia had to choose which parent to stay with, but Lissa told Claudia to stay with Soren. Viren asks how she dares, that Harrow's death breaks his heart. She orders him thrown in a cell, but upon being told that he is the King of Katolis, she orders him instead to be placed in the extra-nice ring of fire. However, Claudia manages to revive him using Dark Magic, where he sees Aaravos' caterpillar inside a cocoon, metamorphosing into something else. He states that they will commit to the alliance if the other kingdoms agree. It's unknown what Viren did to the Moonshadow Elves afterward. Finally, however, he is taken down by an arrow, and Opeli enters, demanding him to stop. Soren turns away shouting that he had said that he would know to do the right thing. For all his faults, Viren does love his family, especially his daughter Claudia, as he is proud of her loyalty and skills, and even angrily stands up to Aaravos when the latter calls her as an "asset." They leave and a couple of red-robed individuals enter the cell, bribing the guard with coins. He tells Claudia that he's proud of her, that she's stood by him despite everything. The Queens of Duren then took it upon themselves to face the dragon, saying it was their turn to sacrifice. Viren sits and stares at the glowing mirror, fingering his mustache. He watches as the elf stands again in front of the fireplace, this time reading over something in one of the books, then sitting on the study's desk. She tells him that he is nothing but trouble like other humans. The creature glows green and a green mist swirls, snaking into Callum's mouth. Eventually, though, Viren went up the mountain to destroy the egg anyway. He grumbles that this is why they need an adult, one who can make strong choices for their kingdom.

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