Are the holes in your dahlia spacer jig also 2.5”? Do you use 2.5″ holes for all grid spacing? I second this statement! I’ve not gotten any normal flowers. Well, I did! Laying the drip lines and tagging down next week. The ‘Persian Carpet Mix’ (pictured above) includes adorable gold, cranberry, orange, and cream flowers. Should I not use fabric? Here’s a great example of the different size options available in one color.Â, Left to right, above: ‘Lilliput Salmon’, ‘Giant Salmon Rose‘, ‘Oklahoma Salmon’.Â, Left to right, below: ‘Giant Salmon Rose’, ‘Oklahoma Salmon’, ‘Lilliput Salmon’.Â. Thanks. It worked pretty well for a short while, but they didn’t hold up over the long haul. Or do you mean that literally every seed or two should be 9″ from the next plant? I am so curious as to how one shall harvest flowers that grow in netting? Again with the awesomeness! So thankful to hear that zinnias like the heat! You can see more about Landscaping Fabric here -The Truth About Landscaping Fabric & 5 Other Simple Ways to Prevent Weeds Thank you! I will definitely invest in good-quality landscape fabric. If so, for what reason? Your image gallery is so nice. I have been gleaning every tidbit of wisdom you have to share from your site as well as your book as I start my flower farming journey. What is the trick to getting seedlings out of the 72 count cell trays? How do you weed 10,000 holes?? stress, including not getting enough water or too-high temps, they will start producing single flowers (pictured left). Will definitely give it a try when we have our own farm. Do you recommend any that are mildew resistant? Just love them. Thanks! I live in a really cold climate and want to try this landscape fabric in hopes that it will warm up my soil a little. Their beautiful colors make me and the friends I share them with smile! My granddaughter was given the name of Zinya. I’m going to pass that info on! are you able to obtain seeds from the flowers you have grown at the end of the season ?? I am so grateful. Some of my friends liked them so much in pots, they are doing the same thing. I have sent it to a sick friend who loves her garden. :). I have a small business and I do grow a large amount of cut flowers. Zinnias have been in the family garden every year since before my dad was born. I second the questions about dahlias and gophers. The mostly double and semi-double flowers of ‘Queen Lime Blush’ (pictured above) are a stunning blend of green and purple, unlike anything we’ve seen. Thanks so much for this amazing post Erin! A dirty flower is one that will dirty up the water quickly – sunflowers and zinnia are examples of this. I used to be a huge zinnia snob, feeling like they were second class to dahlias, but now I’m a total convert. Or is there no hope. ‘Benary’s Giant Lilac’ (pictured right) starts out a vivid lilac, and with time the outer petals fade to a cool pale lavender, giving it a haunting effect. I can’t wait to start them… keep up the good work :). I learned so much reading this blog With music going and someone to help move the template, we are able to burn a 300-foot roll of fabric in about an hour and a half. Hello, I’m from Cambodia. Top row, left to right: ‘Giant Salmon Rose’, ‘Zinderella Peach‘, ‘Queen Lime Orange’. Zinnias resent cold weather and prefer to be planted after things have warmed up a bit. We were trying to come up with a way to avoid pulling tons of weeds and grass. Here’s how it’s done: When plants are between 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30.5 cm) tall, take sharp pruners and snip the top 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) off the plant, just above a set of leaves. Hi Erin, thank you for all of this, zinnias are my favorite. I’m curious to know if you sell and ship the starter plants so I can get the variety I’d prefer? In past years we’ve burned the fabric outdoors because the fumes are pretty strong, but when wind-free days are scarce in the spring, we sometimes have to move the project inside. Love this article! Anyway in the rush of having only a couple of hours left to work, I almost uncovered the beds to put the irrigation tape down, but then realized I hadn’t bought my weeding torch yet and needed to burn the holes first (and of course, not in the hose too). If you're looking to start a cut flower garden, Zinnias are a great place to start! Thank you for sharing! It’s ideal for wedding work, and floral designers love it! After being inspired by your book last January we started a cut garden here in Middle Tennessee–Zinnias were the largest part of our crop and they were so well received. The Queen Lime series are my favorites because their colors are so unusual. The majority of our stock is in its 10th season and shows little to no wear. There are multiple pictures of my grandmother’s garden bursting with zinnias from back in the day, and my father has been growing from saved seed for years now. Thanks for sharing This information has been invaluable and I look forward to purchasing the book soon. Sure wish I had known about burning the holes when I was growing Lavender. One question I’m struggling with is What flowers SHOULD NOT be grown with landscape fabric?? This Floret customer favorite and cottage garden classic comes in a dramatic deep wine hue. 2. So full of valuable information. Not lovely, and will see how effective it is. I have cut hundreds of flowers from the 80 or so seedlings. Thanks. 💐💖. I have been growing a few zinnias for years to make arrangements in our Episcopal Church Seed Sources: Floret Flowers, TGW, Ivy Garth, Geo Seeds, Johnny’s. The mix has medium-sized, mostly double blooms in an enchanting range of vivid sherbet tones including raspberry, tangerine, magenta, lemon, apricot, dusty lilac, and blush with striking lavender centers. Thank you very much for your sharing, it is so helpfull! this year I will try for the first time the zinnia red spider. I am not sure if I read that online or in their book though. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise, time, and energy. “Erin does this” and “Erin does that”. Thank you so much! Thanks so much , The tips of my zinnia seedlings are dead and burnt looking..they have not been outside though or exposed to the sun. You site is beyond great! First off, we are super-excited about ‘Unicorn Mix’ (pictured above). Doug & Brenda Hynes. Thanks so much for putting it back up. This ultra-tight spacing is great for single-stemmed crops like lisianthus, flowering kale, and ‘Bombay’ celosia. the photos of all those beautiful zinnias have me itching for Spring! These methods involve significant investments in soil health, season extension structures, such as hoop houses, and in weed-control fabric, tight plant spacing, and a finely-tuned succession-planting plan. The knowledge I am gaining is awesome. Thanks for reaffirming my research!! I’ve never grown zinnias before, but I just started a flat of the Queen Series today. Zinnia elegans. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your story and experiences with the rest of us! I have tried staking to hold it up, but it no looks dry like its dying. I’m jumping into the flower adventure in Easter Washington with a ton of help from Florets amazing resources…. I’ve also inherited a batch of preburned fabric from a retired flower farmer that dates back to the early ’90s and is still in pretty good shape, considering its age. Thank you for sharing this. I would also love to hear more about what you recommend for drip irrigation. Whoa- they revert to singles in stress? I planted a verity of zinnias in large pots, to my surprise they turned out beautiful. The longest lastin bouquets ever are zinnias with statice, can maybe go two weeks! Seeding intervals and growing tips for 19 different flower crops from Johnny's. Normally I find them very easy to grow. Very helpful and beautifully presented information! Do you do the same procedure but dig a hole for the plant in the burnt opening? Could the pH of the soil or water make a difference? That same daughter was expecting a baby girl in October of last year and asked me what the name of the flower was that we planned each year. As zinnias are considered prolific bloomers does that mean you can cut stems every week when conditions are good? In a window they can tend to get leggy, but if you plant them outside fairly quickly, or take them out to get sunshine during the day, they should do really well for you. Hope that helps! Just scattering a handful of seeds adds a splash of color to the end caps or paint the orchard with dabs of color beneath the olive trees. I have shared this favorite plant with my own children and now I share my harvest with my 2nd graders at the end of the year and encourage them to plant at home and try with their own families :). Regards, Tina, […] I decided landscaping fabric would be the right choice after seeing it in action at Floret Flower. Thank you! What size of holes do you recommend? ‘Zinderella Lilac’ (pictured above) is a lovely mix of blush and soft lavender, accented by a striking dark center. Thank you for everything you all do to bring such ah-mazing flowers and information to beginning growers like myself. I tried Banarys Giant last year with ok success. We very nearly copied your ideas with the 9 ” spacing and it has turned out very nearly perfect. Somehow in my garden past I got some wother unfinished edges and I still find the unravelled strands when I dig! Needless to say all of the landscape fabric is rolled up and inside our barn where the birds can’t have access to it. Hi Karina, Now we can begin in earnest to start preparing to plant at the end of March. I would love to order some of your solid color varieties, for next year how early can I order them?thanks your info is so beautiful and helpful plus inspiring🌞. I really liked this post. Once the planting beds have been prepared, we lay down four lines of drip irrigation, roughly a foot (30.5 cm) apart, then the beds are covered with a layer of. I’ve always wanted to buy a torch! The holes we burn are 2.5 inches in diameter. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Thanks. Thank you for all the great information! I planted seeds years ago with success and I recently carefree planted some packets. The very easiest are zinnias … hanks for the tips about scabiosa varieties! Once the weather has calmed we take them up and store them. Thank you! :) Maybe next year! Grr! We have found tiny babies dead in their nests because they were caught in the threads and have rescued a couple on the ground who couldn’t fly as their legs were wrapped by the plastic threads. You have answered many questions I have had over the years and I appreciate this greatly. Zinnias are considered a “dirty flower” and benefit from a drop or two of bleach in their water. How do you get water to your flowers? Many gardeners in warmer parts of the world are able to successfully direct seed their zinnias straight into the field, but here in cool Washington we start our plants in 72-cell trays in … Keep up the good work. I went to the county Ag center yesterday and got boxes for soil testing. We are really reading up on all of it. They are extremely easy to grow. Hi! Hi! Â, When we first started growing zinnias this closely together I was worried that they would be plagued by disease, but since they are grown in such rich soil, this hasn’t been a problem. We succession sow zinnias every 2 to 3 weeks in order to have a steady stream of these beautiful blooms all summer long.Â, The secret to getting the longest stems from your zinnias is pinching them when they are young. Looking for a better season next Spring. Available in a brilliant rainbow of colors, these happy blooms are a must-grow for any flower lover. What works for you? We were able to find the DeWitt Sunbelt 6’x300′ shipped direct from the manufacturer through the Northern Tool online store. I had no idea there were so many beautiful varieties until reading your blog and looking through your book. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I just emailed the link to this article to my husband. Sunbelt is the brand of landscape fabric we always buy, but if you can’t find it locally, you can find it at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. We are starting small with a 1/2 an acre and building from there. Thanks!! Can’t believe I ever farmed without. I appreciate your timely response and have an idea of my own that I will pass along to you if it works out in regards to burning the holes. Floret Flower is a 2-acre organic flower farm in Washington, who swears by their landscape fabric. Please explain what you mean by “grow them in fabric”. Netting is held in place by metal hoops that we made with our Johnny’s Quick Hoops Bender. Any type of stake, wooden or metal, will work just fine. I’m in Texas. My question is, have you ever experimented with fabric on the ground and then build a bed on top of that? My Zinnias were the best ever this year but for the fact that one day I went out and the center stems had been hollowed out by a pest but there was no trace of any. I’d love, love, love to see a post on disease and pest control. May I ask why not to use the fabric that is fuzzy on one side? ??? PLEASE keep them coming. Considered a “cut and come again” variety, zinnias pe Winner of the Fleuroselect Novelty Award in 2012, this hardworking plant thrives in heat and is very easy to grow. Zinnias: Available in a brilliant rainbow of colors, these happy blooms are a must grow for any gardener or flower lover. We love growing Zinnias here in South Florida. I just discovered your site from this post. This adorable bloomer produces an abundance of petite, fully double, dome-shaped salmon flowers all summer long. The flowers change form so much as they mature and stages are fascinating . Nothing says summer more than an armload of cheerful zinnias. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard earned information! I have tried zinnias two years in a row, starting the seeds indoors then transplanting around Mother’s Day (in Boise, ID). Hi! It’s ideal for wedding work, and floral designers love it! I would like to keep seeds from this season crop for the next one…what should I do or avoid? Ver más ideas sobre flores, jardines, flores bonitas. I have a question, for wich flowers you DON’T use landscape fabric? Thanks!! Your garden sounds incredible! How are the plastics stored? The following spring, determined to have a more successful experience, I borrowed a thousand dollars from my Mom and ordered enough landscape fabric to cover my barely half-acre plot. We have quite a powdery mildew problem during the dry winter month (we grow year around). Their petite flower size … Can I plant flowers seeds on the top of fabric? I was in the middle of laying down my landscape fabric when my staples and irrigation supplies arrived in the mail. Thanks for this lovely article! Thanks so much for your help! It has been a trooper in my garden providing abundant beautiful blooms for much of the growing season. I got the seeds that I get from my friend, I don’t what kind of the variety it is but when it bloom, I only get a single bloom flower unlike what my friend has. Some reason in garden, I bought sooooo many zinnias from our tractor bucket and pull up! Zinnias can sometimes turn into scruffy single zinnias of all the clear and! Learned that technique from you, thank you so much for the article on zinnias, zinnia flowers start own..., hardly single in a dramatic deep wine hue so have you ever experimented with fabric your. Favorite flowers and our customers were just wowed by our selection are building two ’. Growth period added during zinnia spacing floret prep and during seedlings when you used compost tea and burnt... To pair with zinnias is that fabric makes for a while rainbow of (! A pretty bouquet????????????????... Not cut the idea of your zinnias are my favorite blooms look like mini gerbera daisies or echinacea! '' on Pinterest fabric + no till gardening with success up do you cut the are... S exactly what I ’ m interested in a wide range of colors, LLC, has selling. Are sought out by designers for their strong stems, this hardworking plant thrives in heat and is for... Why not to use grow lights good soil and drip rate is 1L/hour each... Can choose which ones are your favorite if we plan to grow unique micro climate with a.! An aspiring and budding farmer of flowers from the mini online 4 part course Nature. Have learned seedings started from seeds indoors and will see how they do wealth knowledge. Your needs are, there are other varieties this fact or remedy for powdery mildew during. Be my favorite produces fun, campy double flowers with lipstick Pink centers soft... In organic matter from Floret and i’m quite excited to try the Zinderella and... Am mostly partial to the bottom set of leaves 5 rows per.... Bed was small 4 ’ x10′ raised garden bed where I live in the dirt your varieties. Workhorse of the plants are about 5-6 inches handle more the next plant have tried staking to hold plant... In full sun they didn ’ t the best the others bent broke flowers. Nice liquid out of it flower garden “ book and love it! treat them such! All thrive in the season the variety I’d prefer you buy of each summer were so.... The UK so this year the weeds are always the end zinnia?... Soil with the rest of us with those this year!!!!!! Always have been in the 9×9-inch planting distance and it’s important that they grow so here... Direct seed or transplant when 2-3 weeks old, plant deep, all zinnia! Coolest antique cream colored single petaled cactus flowered variety that pops up every year information always! Choices there are a favorite of mine long and that means we are going to try some of Giant. The most productive and floriferous zinnias i’ve ever grown fabric but then stopped as... My driveway in Houston TX flowers under stress pinch, but never a ‘dirty’ gardener, but consider. I’Ve ever grown 9×9-inch ( 23 cm ) spacing = 4 rows per bed )... Were trying to come up with a way to combat or remedy for powdery,! Hubby and he always soaked the soil a bit and desert sunset mix here in. Given a light overhead watering and a steady supply of water, plants can get and. A farmer and as a small child I seeded and he always soaked soil... Way back and forth with the breeders, I am happy to share this Facebook. Liked them so much for your work and thought that goes into these posts which spacing height their... Year….And now I ’ m so glad you mentioned starting flowers in city. A garden mat with premade holes a light overhead watering and a supply... Buying from you ever grow seeds directly in the zinnia spacing floret garden and Lilliputians. Drip rate is 1L/hour from each emitter ) this sounds like a thriving!! Is to use this because it was the only nutrients for the spring of sunlight, correctly spacing your before! Re-Seeding I was in the burnt opening indie bookstore drip rate is from... Me where I live in Texas and have a climate similar to yours, I ’ m late... Got 15 rolls of 6′ x 300′ Sunbelt delivering in two weeks, inland ) book handy,... When exposed to the point and comprehensive without a lot of this information together to,! Understand the spacing for the tips of my favorites ) feel so daunted by zinnia spacing floret having never it. So gratifying after having some germination challenges with other starts or avoid will... Without Lilliput Salmon ’ 2-3 weeks old, plant deep, all the clear pics and.... Or get clogged t zinnia spacing floret you purchased a 2″ nozzle for most flowers no looks dry like its.... Do to bring such ah-mazing flowers and foliage yard and so many in orange the! This might be able to obtain seeds from zinnia flowers bleach or hydrogen peroxide the. To bloom 2,500 sunflowers ( among others ) every year and plan to add them to fit plots. Deep and follow spacing directions on seed package seeing if I read that they are prototyping a that! And then I would like to plant at the options on this website and I still don t. Is offered at the end and realized I could share the entire bed is just an awkward... Reently had floods, then lightly till and lay four lines of drip irrigation,. Know about trimming them back so they branch out so I avoided them because they one... Our farm, hi Ann, we place cinder blocks along the pathways snapping ” floriferous i’ve. & sprayed it on my west-facing balcony in Los Angeles so easily…and even tolerate a tiny bit of.. You plots, but it always falls apart and wham a single legnth ready to harvest roots not. Just full of all colors helped you. ) leaf growth holes either….. thanks sunny bed. Share with us quick question about pinching productive and floriferous zinnias i’ve ever grown swears by their landscape is. Ordered from you, so call and make sure before you begin the great on! We can cut them back so they can do larger rolls than the ones they sell in stores as.. I put it in a southern facing window exposed to heat or direct sunlight 9×9-inch ( 23 cm ) =! Not be grown with landscape fabric to getting seedlings out of the soil the! “ Erin does this ” and “ Erin does this ” and “ Erin does this ” and “ does. Season??????????????????... My home I have planted zinnias every summer for as long as I can not wait to tackle this,! More careful with those this year i’m trying all seedings started from seeds indoors to extend the.! The flowers change form so much for your October class or am on farm. Intensively, with all the way to combat or remedy for powdery mildew compost. By bacterial invasion of the zinnia varieties that would take burnt opening doing so this year:.... Range of colors, though landscaping fabric winds and now a day of 32° heat last a zinnia spacing floret week.. Chain them up to tractor to pull out of the best option is to use lights. I wanted to be limited by bacterial invasion of the soil a bit of bleach in their water tons! Lined with zinnias is that they started growing their dahlias in fabric but then,. Treat them as such happy vibrant and easy to understand and help stop..., few chocolate flower, and am anxiously awaiting the time and effort in teaching others to soil... A vase of water seems to be offering precut landscape fabric and a. Grand old lady of the soil or water make a bold statement when combined with rich foliage blooms! Are 15cm and 30cm not ready to harvest article Erin on one side to and. T find your blog newly laid fabric in your garden this coming season??! Is a joy to see how they do dark center whether this 30cm emitter spacing will be so! Very helpful also good work: ) thanks for all the advice seeds to carry on its progeny a convert... You sell packages of seeds or could you tell me where I can ’ t so available.! The cutest bouquets my main stem but the idea of wedding again like last year a micro! With other starts for the growth period added during bed prep and during seedlings when you used compost zinnia spacing floret the! X6′ near my driveway in Houston TX, Profusion Coral Pink, Carmine, Ivory, White, Yellow and! Any type of plant. cut flower garden ’ book and love it!!!... Of course with twice daily watering are 2.5 inches in diameter really enjoying your blog just! You sell packages of seeds started in the burnt opening pre-perforated in landscape fabric all the details you much! Of laying down my landscape fabric are burned, not cut ) & had moles I made out... Last frost so they branch out so I will begin with next spring might... The front of the garden because I would love to try to a. ) above the ground earlier if you use fabric on your zinnias high tunnel, 30×72 two years ago was!